Laser Cutting

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If you need more information about our manufacturing possibilities in the field of metal processing, please contact one of our salesmen:

Lumír Vavřina
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Laser Cutting

In autumn 2019, we made the biggest investment in the last decade by purchasing a laser cutting machine Eagle eVision 1530. Now, we are capable to cut much thicker metal, much faster and more precisely than what we could have achieved with our CNC turret punching machines. If you are interested to know more or to send an inquiry, please contact our sales department.

Laser Eagle eVision 1530 F4.0   Laser Eagle eVision 1530 F4.0



Max. width - axis X (mm)
Max. width - axis Y  (mm)   1.540


Max. metal thickness (mm)
Carbon steel   10
Stainless steel
Alluminium alloy