About Cyklos

Company profile

original stencil duplicator HANEK (1936)

Cyklos is traditional Czech company with 90 years of experience. It was established in 1928 and its original name was HA-NEK. Since the beginning the company specialized in the production of stencil duplication machines with either electric or manual drive. Since 1950s till late 1980s Cyklos was the main supplier of stencil duplicators for Eastern Bloc and its Comecon countries. That time Cyklos fed more than 400 employees and distributed thousands of machines.

Due to political changes in early 1990s and arrival of new technologies the production of stencil duplicators declined swiftly and Cyklos seeking for new opportunities started to produce equipment for final document processing. At present, our company offers wide range of creasing, perforation, folding, cutting and punching machines. Our business partners can be contacted in nearly all European countries, but also in Americas, Near East, India, Africa and Australia.

Our current staff involves 150 employees. 35% of our production are print finishing machines, almost all of the production is exported. 65% of our turnover is generated by cooperation with local companies demanding various types of jobs in field of metal processing. We offer our clients complete package of services comprising of product development, technological preparation – including the production of tools and moulds, production of sub-assemblies, surface customization, final product assembly, packaging and transport to required destination.

Quality Standards


Systematically we do our best to improve our manufacturing processes so we can meet ISO 9001 quality standards. We work consistently on enhancing our process management, we try to make it seamless and everything trackable. Beside general ISO audit (every 2 years), every year we pass through several internal audits arranged by our biggest clients who need to make sure they work with reliable partners meeting necessary quality standards. We are proud to say we have been ISO-certified company for more than a decade now.

Company Premises

The premises of Cyklos company are placed in buildings of former sugar factory built by count Thun in 1868. Sugar beet era in Choltice terminated after one century in 1968, 40 years after Cyklos was founded. In first half of the 1970s the factory unit was rebuilt with respect to needs of metal processing. Cyklos moved in in the end of the 1970s. The last point framing out history of sugar production in Choltice came in March 1995 by tearing down 60-metres high chimney - symbolic monument of sugar era. Nowadays, the dominant feature of Cyklos is three-storey building where all production takes place. By the entry to the premises is administrative building, in the backside there are warehouses and garages. Last significant change took place in 2007 by building up modern Expedition hall - white building on the rear side of the main house.

Premises of Cyklos Choltice - bird's eye view   Premises of Cyklos Choltice - bird's eye view   Premises of Cyklos Choltice - bird's eye view

In summer 2014 remodellation of Cyklos main administrative building started. Below you can see the actual condition of the building and visualisation of future premises. New design combines traditional architectonic style with daily needs of modern company. 

Administrative building 2012   administrative building - visualization 2015

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